Ben sallies forth.

Charge of the Light Brigade by Richard Caton Woodville

I’ve long resisted having a web presence, mainly because I have too many things to say rather than too few.  The Internet, however, is a dangerous, yet alluring, place for people who have a lot on their minds. I was frightened of what might happen when my voice was added to its raucous chorus.  Which is to say I wasn’t sure what would happen when Ben and the Internet collided.

But, subject to pressure from friends and colleagues, I’ve ventured forth into that Gaping Maw of the Internet that is known as Twitter, so I am forced to conclude that I might as well establish a bonafide Web presence as well. So here I sally forth into the World Wide Web to confront the dangers and evils that lurk there. Hopefully, history will sing of my triumphs here instead of my follies. “Forward, the Light Brigade!”

This site will be undergoing rapid construction in the coming days, so come back for frequent posts and updates soon!

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  1. Identity says:


  2. Very impressive beginning; now to see where you wind up! 🙂

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